The artistic style of photography of Terry O’Neill

Photography is the outlet for many photographers who wish to express their innermost feeling with their snapshots. Their subjects include anything, from inanimate streetlights, to nature, to even people. Just as they say, Art is life, and all arts have life, art-imitating life is not unknown as well.

An honorary fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, and a splendid celebrity photographer, Terry O’Neill for one, find all his snap imitate art. His works all find a place in reputed exhibitions and displays in galleries in London and across the continents too. His talent and skill of photographing the celebrities sometimes even in black and white made him one of the most enigmatic and prolific photographers of the sixties and seventies.

He is famous for his photographs of Elton John, though he began photography in the Heathrow airport. He began his photography career in the 60’s with the Daily Sketch and then photographing Laurence Olivier. He also is famous for his shots of the Beatles, and then even the members of the Royal family. His photographs of major celebrities and their candid shots are all works of art.

Personalities and Iconic Photographs

Terry O’Neill was already a star by 1965 and was not famous just for one random snap. Rather, his snap of his girlfriend and Academy Award-winning actor, Faye Dunaway reclining by the swimming pool on the morning after winning the Best Actress Award became a work that found a place in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Besides that, his style and his sense of photographing fashion and celebrities made the photographs so majestic and worth their value in gold. Today, his photographs are all private collectors’ items. As a British photographer, Terry O’Neill made a place for himself with his skill and his projection of renowned celebrities, including Frank Sinatra, and other such legends, including Sean Connery at his Bond peak and David Bowie to say a few.

Immortalizing the Legends in Photographs

For a person who lives and expresses through photographs, taking snaps of top names in the entertainment industry has been the best choice of career. It is every photographer’s dream to capture a candid snap of a legend in the industry. Today, Terry O’Neill is one such photographer to have got that privilege to take memorable snaps of top celebrities. Elton John and Eric Clapton, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, and others like Amy Winehouse, Elvis Presley, Audrey Hepburn, and the list continue.

His Contributions and Exhibitions

Mouche Gallery has some of Terry O’Neill’s celebrated works of art. Brigitte Bardot’s 1968’s black and white snaps and Bruce Springsteen, also feature in the snaps. These photographs have a touch of the master class that sets them apart from the rest. Though he has become a name to reckon with respect today, he is still longing for those days when professionalism meant going ahead with healthy competition.

Terry O’Neill has become the photographer with works finding a place in respectable galleries of Getty Image Gallery, San Francisco Art Exchange and more.