Online marketing trends of 2014 are largely preserved in 2015

The year of 2015 has entered the final quarter and now is the right time to make conclusions., a well-established digital marketing Manchester company, has analyzed the efforts of 50 local companies basing on blog posts and official publications to find out the portrait of 2015 trends… that appeared to be preserved in 2015. Here’s what B2B digital marketing agency experts say.

Content marketing takes the lead

Attracting potential customers to the site no longer seems to be an elusive goal. Turning a visitor into a client – that’s the challenge that is going to be actual for at least the next couple of years. And this is where internet marketing takes a center stage. Content marketing – is the creation and promotion of nutty and useful content. Content talks about the features, statistics, events, facts and etc., particularly important for the company, and its target audience.

Contextual advertising is still at the helm

Search engines offer two methods of promotion – optimization and contextual advertising. Contextual advertising involves the use of key phrases and suggests a quick start and quick returns. This is not possible in the case of SEO-promotion – the method aimed at mid/long term results. The effectiveness of contextual advertising is confirmed by an increase in investment in the way of promotion.

Social promotion is still in trend

Social networks are now oftentimes referred to as Internet suplatforms. The enormous customer base and fine-tune advertising campaigns make social networks a fine choice when it comes to online promotion. SMM (Social Media Marketing), as one of the trends in Internet marketing, will continue to rise in 2015, and it is almost

For example, service exchange photo and video content Instragram was an excellent advertising platform for advertising all sorts of goods. It is enough to gather a loyal base of subscribers and regularly upload photos with the products.

It could be the right time to reconsider your SEO-promotion strategy

Due to the rapid development of social networks and aggressive Google policy towards spam, you can no longer consider SEO as a silver bullet to all your problems.

Adjusting your SEO tactics to focus on quality content and use of the most optimal in terms of efficiency/cost key requests is a savvy decision in 2015. Search engines require not just the text info, but informative, fresh, unique, diverse and interactive content.

Behavioral factors are crucial

Websites sites based on behavioral factors search engines forced the representatives of Internet marketing more thorough approach to their work. For this reason, the direction of web analytics remained in great demand.

By web analytics a full range of services to assess the behavior of visitors at the website is meant. Split testing will bypass most popular A/B testing, allowing to fully assess the effectiveness of the design and content of multiple versions of pages. Analytics tools evaluate scan the behaviour of users at websites, while analytics specialists finetune the strategy basing on the results and numbers.