Methods for anonymous downloading

The number of torrents is strictly grown and anti-counterfeiting laws become more rigid and tough. In this regard a great number of users are looking for ways of how to download them anonymously. It is possible to bypass blocking from owners of copyright in several ways. Among them is both paid and free. As it often happens, free options have many shortcomings – low speed, bugs, link disconnections and so on. Paid options (and their cost a really low – little more than several dollars per month!) provide the best quality and downloading speed which depends only on user’s Internet connection.


The Virtual Private Network allows hiding the IP address from curious eyes and easy downloading torrents and everything that is necessary. It is rather simple to use VPN and there are both paid and free options. But it is important to know that free VPN for torrents downloading will be hardly suitable as such network is too slow. To get things straight with this matter go to guide about how to download torrents anonymously by using of VPN with paid subscription.

The principal difference of VPN from all other methods is that this network fully hides all traffic messages which you meet. Thus it can be used for viewing or obtaining information from blocked websites, etc.

But there is one important thing. The choice of suitable VPN service is very difficult as nowadays numbers of these services are in thousands. And each of them says in own advertising that exactly this service is the best and most effective. In order to find best VPN try using the recommendations and select VPN without much advertising exaggerations about its characteristics and to pick yourself the most suitable option.


This name is well known to all fans of torrents. It means the special server which users use to exchange torrents with each other. This server differs by quite high speed. The essence of this method is in that the user’s IP address while downloading at very high speed won’t always match a public IP address therefore it is impossible to track it. After the chosen object was downloaded, it can be downloaded on the personal computer, by HTTP using.


This is an interesting invention specially created for users who often download data from torrents. The Anomos is cross-platform and it is its main advantage, but it has shortcomings too. First of all data from torrents is in its own Anomos format therefore all files need to be reformatted and some can’t be downloaded at all. Loading speed is also rather low. In a manner of speaking this program is an ideal solution for those who don’t hurry anywhere. But there is good news too – the Anomos is absolutely free. With this all shortcomings can be excused.


This is a well-known proxy server which allows hiding IP address of the user. BTGuard was created especially for operation with torrents and it perfectly works on Linux, Mac and Windows. The server perfectly deals with torrents which are built-in by default or installed by the user. On its basis each user can create an own torrent, more convenient for himself. This server can work with any application – the only requirement is support of SocksV5. Those persons who are extremely anxious about own anonymity can use the encoding of the tunnel.


This is the proxy server which is in nothing differs from previous. It is also convenient and functional, has a good reputation (more than two years of successful operation). Its single shortcoming is in that the server works only on Windows platform.