Different Types of Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

Industrial cleaning services are required to perform at their very best. It is because they have to maintain a clean and clear environment at the premises. The best part of this service is that it includes a wide range of scrubbing. Not only the technical areas of the business are cleaned but also the office related areas as well. The industrial cleaning services also offer janitorial services so that the bathrooms and lobbies remain clear all the time. There are some businesses that are research related. These businesses require a completely different set of cleaning services. 100% germ-free environment should be provided in such cases which is always important. To achieve the results there are some chemicals which are used. To such cleaners we can number a widely-used industrial degreaser, helping you to scour all the surfaces. Let us consider some of the popular cleaning chemicals:

Alkaline which is strong

Caustic soda is one of the main chemicals which are used to clean and degrease the systems. The machinery at the facility may have developed layers of grease. The ordinary cleaning methods are never helpful and must be replaced by the ones effective. The strong alkalis are used to clean up all the systems so that the efficient results are achieved. Sodium and potassium based elements are found to be effective and hence are used to get the work done in short time.


Just like alkalis, the acids are also used to degrease the systems that are installed at the industrial premises. The sulfur-based chemicals and acids are used to basically clean up the systems. The drainage systems of the industry are usually cleaned by using these acids and therefore these are highly recommended. More strong acids are used to ensure that the greasy systems always remain in the best working conditions. There are some parts of the machines which should not get in contact with strong acids and for all such equipment can be used diluted acid or special metal degreaser, which helps to clean all the machinery effectively and quick. This will keep the equipment safe and secure from any hazard that acids can cause.


These are the most common types of chemicals which are used to clean the premises. They come in the combination of acidic and basic properties. Sometimes both chemicals are also mixed in a highly controlled environment to create a detergent. The overall make of the detergent is such that it acts as grease cutter. These are frequently used and one of the most effective chemicals to get the work done. From bathrooms to general sitting areas the detergents work at their very best and provide exceptional results.

Miscellaneous chemicals

Trisodium phosphate is the chemical that has the rapid reaction with metals and is highly basic in nature. It has been banned in several states of the USA. The use of the chemical is however permitted only if strict rules and regulations are followed. The ammonia is also used in several industries to clean up the surfaces and especially bathrooms. The best part of ammonia is that it is completely in line with the general environmental needs. There is no need of any special equipment to handle the chemical.